Recommended books  

satisfaction guaranteed coverSATISFACTION GUARANTEED by Jonathan Berry with Rob Wood

A Future and a Hope for Same-Sex Attracted Christians

Convinced that real satisfaction can be found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ, Jonathan Berry (TFT Director) with Rob Wood (TFT Teaching and Pastoral Assistant) aim to encourage, inspire and equip all who struggle with same-sex temptations to resist, but ‘make him their greatest treasure and live life to the full’.


basics of male homosexuality coverTHE BASICS OF MALE HOMOSEXUALITY by Tim Gould

A Guide for Pastors, Counsellors or the Person with Same-Sex Attractions

An easily understood Christian overview of how homosexuality develops, as well as steps those with same-sex attractions can take to regain control of thoughts and behaviours.  Whether a pastor, counsellor, friend, family member, or  one who is dealing personally with this issue, this book offers hope through Jesus. Click here for our book review.


homosexuality & the christian coverHOMOSEXUALITY AND THE CHRISTIAN by Mark Yarhouse

A Guide for Parents, Pastors and Friends

In this book, Mark Yarhouse gives honest and accurate answers to parents, pastors and friends who have questions about homosexuality. He carefully develops a useful and clear three-tier distinction between "same-sex attraction", "homosexual orientation" and a "gay identity." Click here for our full book review.


is god anti-gay coverIS GOD ANTI-GAY? by Sam Allberry

And other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction

This book would be suitable for just about anyone and is ideal for a first book to read on this subject, although it does have some great insights for those who have read around on the subject too. Click here for our full book review.


sexual identity coverTHE END OF SEXUAL IDENTITY? by Jenell Williams Paris

Why sex is too important to define who we are

In this book, the author challenges the distortions not only in our culture, but also in our Christianity. She reminds us that modern Western culture and Christianity are not necessarily the benchmark in a world of diverse cultures and ever-changing standards. Click here for our full book review.


walking with gay friends coverWALKING WITH GAY FRIENDS by Alex Tylee

A journey of informed compassion

Walking with gay friends by Alex Tylee equips friends, familiies and the wider church understand and reach out to gay people. Click here for our full book review.



biblical responses coverBIBLICAL AND PASTORAL RESPONSES TO HOMOSEXUALITY edited by Andrew Goddard and Don Horrocks

This booklet from the Evangelical Alliance provides clear and compassionate principles from the Bible on responding to the issue of homosexuality within the church.  Click here for our full book review.



unwanted ssa coverUNWANTED SAME SEX ATTRACTION by Andrew Goddard and Glynn Harrison

Issues of pastoral and counselling support

The authors of this booklet re-state the biblical principles and church’s traditional teaching on chastity, sexual conduct, self sacrifice and self-control. Click here for our full book review.


battles christians face coverBATTLES CHRISTIANS FACE by Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts, one of the founders of Living Out, has tackled 8 of the most common struggles we encounter in our Christian lives – in a Scriptural yet down-to-earth and practical way.. Click here for our full book review.



washed & waiting coverWASHED AND WAITING by Wesley Hill

Reflections on Christian faithfulness and homosexuality

The author, Wesley Hill has produced a thoughtful description of the reality of living with unwanted desires for others of the same sex. The structure of the book strongly connects the stories of individuals with the truths of the Bible.  Click here for our full book review.

you can change coverYOU CAN CHANGE by Tim Chester

God's transforming power for our sinful behaviours and negative emotions

This is a practical book written by a church leader from Sheffield about how to change sinful patterns of behaviour. You are encouraged to have a change project to help you to change your behaviour. At the end of each chapter there is a set of reflections and questions to help you work upon your change project.


promised land coverINTO THE PROMISED LAND? by Jeanette Howard

Beyond the lesbian struggle

Into The Promised Land is a book by Jeanette Howard (author of Out of Egypt). This is a great resource for all who struggle with same sex attraction (men & women!) and for those who counsel them. Click here for our full book review.


sexual healing coverSexual Healing by Gerald Coates & Nathan Ferreira

This book deals with the sensitive issues of porn and masturbation addiction with encouraging testimonies from men who have found freedom. There is a well-written chapter on same-sex attraction. It is non-judgemental, condones accountability, with scriptural references and arguments for changing behaviour. Click here for our full book review.



captured coverCAPTURED BY A BETTER VISION by Tim Chester

In this book Tim Chester tackles the issue of pornography: "Pornography has reached epidemic proportions.  And in God’s eyes porn is ‘unbearably ugly’ says Tim, ‘but for the grace of God’.  He exposes the lies and deceptions of porn, inviting us to be fully free, and showing positively and practically how this can be possible in daily life."



boundaries coverBOUNDARIES by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend

The basic premise of this book is that God intended us to live life with boundaries. Boundaries allow us to keep bad stuff out and good stuff in, and help us to serve others out of love rather than compulsion or guilt. . Click here for our full book review.




Coming home to our true sexuality

‘Helpful for counsellors and those struggling with sexuality on a number of levels, offering strong grounding in a healthy approach to sexuality for today’s cultural context.’


idols coverIDOLS by Julian Hardyman

God's battle for our hearts

Idols describes the biblical doctrine of idolatry, how human hearts are built to worship, but too often we worship things that aren’t God, like money, sex, family, success or respect. Idols are the things (or people) that we aim for, long for, and desire more than God.  Hardyman describes how we have surface idols and deep idols.  Click here for our full book review.

out of a far country coverOUT OF A FAR COUNTRY

This is an insightful book dealing with same-sex attraction.  From start to finish, the story of rejection, hopelessness and the changes that take place for both a mother and son are gripping to read. The book is written with alternating chapters sharing the journey that both mother and son followed.  The book comes with a Study Guide and could be the basis for discussion in small groups.


guy who was gay cover

Richard Oostrum with Hans Frinsel

‘Once you begin to read this book you won’t be able to put it down.  It tells the story of how one man’s life was changed for ever.  Its simple beauty will move you to hope and faith for yourself and those you love and pray for.’  Floyd McClung



what god has made clean

If we can eat prawns, why is gay sex wrong?
John Richardson
(Published as an e-book on the Good Book Company website)
‘This booklet attempts to deal seriously with the fundamental question of how the Old Testament law is fulfilled in Christ and, therefore, how Christians should live today.’


the right to decide

Seeking justice for choices around unwanted same-sex attractions
Michael R Davidson

‘Those who choose not to embrace a gay identity or to pursue a same-sex relationship because of convictions of faith, or indeed for any other reason, must have freedom to seek appropriate pastoral or counselling help in ordering sexual behaviour according to our own world-view.  This point is argued very powerfully in the book.’


Silent Sagas

Heterosexual Wife, Homosexual Husband
Louella Christy Komuves

Louella was married for 29 years and despite her husband’s well-hidden homosexuality, together they created a loving home for their 3 sons.  Devastated at first by her husband’s secret she was eventually able to regain her life, and set out to craft an in-depth spiritual guide for anyone experiencing a similar situation in his or her marriage. 


restoring sexual identity

Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction
Anne Paulk

‘Offering answers to the difficult and often wrenching questions asked both by women desiring change and by friends and relatives of women struggling with same-sex attraction.’



friends, partners, spouses

FRIENDS, PARTNERS OR SPOUSES?  (also available as an e-book)
The Civil Partnership Act and Christian Witness
Andrew Goddard 

‘This study looks at the relation between civil partnership and marriage, the Church of England’s response to the CPA, the ethical questions raised, and whether civil partnership is an option for a Christian disciple.’


Books on sexual abuse

The Wounded Heart

Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Dr Dan B Allender

‘Dr Allender exposes the rage, fear and confusion locked deep inside every victim.  And, offering guidance in the midst of the confusion, he shows that there is hope for the wounded heart.’


forgiving the impossible

From abuse to freedom and hope
Greta Randle

‘Are some things just too difficult to forgive?  Like child abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend?  Greta’s story shows us that forgiveness is not only possible, but that it is hugely liberating for the victim.’  Greta Randle is Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Christian Counsellors.


no more hurting

Life beyond sexual abuse
Gwen Purdie

‘A Christian response to issues surrounding sexual abuse - offering real and positive answers and practical help.  This book will help equip those who have suffered abuse and those who counsel them.  It will also help anyone who knows the abused person (and the perpetrator of the abuse) to help them face the future and grasp the hope and healing that is offered in Christ.’

new shoes

Stepping out of the shadow of sexual abuse and living your dreams
Rebecca Mitchell
‘New Shoes offers easy-to-understand, friendly and achievable advice for freeing yourself from the shadow of sexual abuse, and discovering hidden inner strength that will give you new choices, confidence and hope.’

See here for a full review of this book.


Books on pornography

help! she's struggling with porn

Rachel Coyle

‘Women can and do become enslaved to pornography.  Impure images, steamy novels, even TV dramas captivate minds and hearts.  This booklet defines pornography in biblical terms and explores the dangers of its socially acceptable forms for women.’ 

Click here for a full review of this booklet.


Books on Christian growth and spirituality


emotional dependency

How to Keep Your Friendships Healthy
Lori Rentzel




Ordering books

Note that TfT no longer operates an online bookstore, aside from a few of its own publications listed at the top of this page, aswe have set up an online bookstore through our partnership with 10 of Those.. The books recommended above are readily available elsewhere. At speaking engagements, we normally bring a limited stock of books for sale on the day.

Out of the blue

This book is sold as an electronic download in pdf format. It consists of 43 A4 pages. 

It is especially helpful for parents, relatives and friends of those with same sex issues. 

To purchase your electronic (pdf) copy, please click on the Add to cart button on this page. If you have a Kindle, you can buy the book directly from Amazon here:

Here is a review of the book by Gabe, a TfT member:

Through getting to know Martin Hallett and TfT and also working with HIV and AIDS situations I moved from being unsympathetic and ill informed about homosexuality to becoming a student of the difficulties surrounding men and women revealing their same sex attraction to Christian parents, friends and colleagues. I’m still learning.

Martin’s book adds greatly to my understanding. His detailed descriptions of personal experiences, and those of many hundreds who have shared their ‘stories’ with him, leaves no one in doubt that fear, misunderstanding and prejudice are an inherent part of same sex attraction.

Believer or atheist, gay or straight, this very human account of people revealing their SSA to loved ones and the positive or negative consequences of the revelation will not fail to increase one’s understanding of how best to love and support them.