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National Conference 2018

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This year's annual National Conference will be from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October 2018. By restricting attendance at our events to Members, who have all agreed with our Basis and Code of Confidentiality, we ensure our events are safe for those attending to share in confidence.


Our main speaker will be Simon Ponsonby, who will be teaching on the Saturday. For sessions on the Friday and Sunday, there will be additional teaching from Stuart Parker and Rob Wood.

We will put the session titles here as they become available:

  • Session 1 - Friday (Stuart) - "The Father’s Love"
  • Sessions 2 & 3 - Saturday (Simon) - "How we can know and experience the liberating transforming love of God"
  • Session 4 - Sunday (Rob) - "The Son’s Love"


Seminar Options

We intend to offer two seminar options on the Saturday:

  • Paul's seminar will be “Holiness through hardship - how life’s struggles can help us mature in Christ”
  • Jem's seminar will be "Not alone: finding family in the church” 


Saturday afternoon options

On the Saturday afternoon, there are three hours of free time to relax however you wish to. There are three activity options that you can opt into below. There will also be some slots to talk through personal matters with people from the prayer ministry team: you can sign up for one of these slots at the conference.

TBC with Frank to local site of interest. There will be a charge for this outing to cover the entry fee.   
Low Ropes course with Stuart. We'll be offering the Low Ropes activity once more in the woods on site, which is always a lot of fun practising balance, problem solving and working together as a team. This activity is free of charge. frisbee golf image
Walk with Tim. This will be our usual but spectacular circular walk from the site. Stout shoes are recommended as the walk can be muddy. This activity is free of charge. aqueduct


Discounts and bursary fund

For the second year running, we have managed to keep the costs unchanged. The cost of attending the whole weekend is £160 per person, with other options available for those only able to come for part of the time. Note that this year we are no longer offering the deposit option to secure your place, as this option doesn't work well with booking now being online. If you would prefer to pay in instalments, then please email and Alison will be happy to agree with you when you can make smaller payments.

We have two standard discounts available:

  • 10% off Early Bird for booking prior to 1 August 2018 (note that to qualify for this discount, you must pay for your place in full by 1 August 2018)
  • 25% off for unwaged/low-waged, full-time students and active TFT Voluntary Workers

We also have a bursary fund, contributed to by members, with the intention that no-one should be prevented from attending the event due to lack of money. If you are interested in applying for financial support, please email with your request, stating how much you can afford to pay. We ask that everyone makes some contribution to their fee, however small.

Event registration contact details
Registration information (National Conference)
Please write below any special dietary requirements you have, even if you have told us before. If you leave this box blank, we will assume that you have no special dietary needs. Note that we may not be able to cater for all of these dietary requirements and we may ask you to bring certain items from home to supplement what we can provide.
Please state below any disability requiring special accommodation.
If you could offer lift(s) to other conference delegates, please select below the number of spaces you could offer. Otherwise, please leave as 0
On Saturday, we will have a small group time. Please indicate below the group you would like to join
Please indicate below which activity you would prefer to do on the Saturday afternoon. See details above for the activity options
Please indicate below which seminar (or none) you would prefer to attend on the Saturday. See conference brochure for more details of the seminar options
I agree with TFT's Basis. I will seek to honour God and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, in attitude and behaviour, at the conference. I also understand that anything shared by delegates is to be treated in strictest confidence, including their attendance at the conference. I agree not to take/publish any photos at the event without clear permission. I accept that I may be asked to leave the Conference if I do not abide by this declaration.
Contact (eg phone) details of someone whom we could contact in case of emergency. An example would be the case of you being taken seriously ill whilst at this conference. Providing this information is entirely optional. Our intention would be to ask first for your permission to contact this person in the unlikely event of needing to make contact with him/her.
Please state what version of your first name you would like on your name badge. Eg "Jon" or "Jonathan". If you leave this blank, we will use your full first name
If you would like to share a room with one or more others who are also coming to the conference, please give name(s) here. Note that we take these preferences into account but cannot promise to accommodate these requests. Sharing requests will only be considered for registrations completed more than 4 weeks before the conference.
Please select 'Yes' if you would prefer a single room. Note that there is a very limited number of single rooms and they are allocated on a "first come first served" basis.