Can Christians agree to disagree on the issue of same-sex practice?

The Bible allows for disagreements on certain issues, so in Romans 14 , for example, Paul speaks of 'disputable matters' and calls on his readers to be convinced in their own minds (Romans 14:5). There are, however, other truths which are non-negotiable - these are sometimes called 'gospel issues', i.e. significant matters upon which Christians can't simply agree to disagree because they impact our understanding of the gospel and, therefore, our salvation. The question is, into which category does same-sex practice fall?

In 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Paul makes it clear that same-sex practice is one mark of unrighteousness and warns that those who consistently and continuously live in the kinds of ways listed in that passage (i.e. with no evidence of repentance) won't inherit the kingdom of God. There are also other Bible passages which warn of the dangers of sexual immorality and strongly rebuke false teachers who lead people into sexual immorality (e.g. Jude 4, Revelation 2:20-22).

In light of these passages, and the Genesis 2:24 principle that the only God-given place for love and attraction to express themselves sexually is in a heteroesexual marriage between one man and one woman, we believe that sexual immorality is not a secondary issue over which Christians can simply agree to disagree. 

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