Parents' page

Are you a parent of a son or daughter with same sex attraction?

When your son or daughter first tells you that they are gay, and may already be in a relationship, your first emotions may be shock,and disbelief followed very closely by panic.

Thoughts may cross your mind such as:

  • "What do I do now?!"
  • "Who can I talk to?"
  • "Where can I turn to for help in understanding all this?"

Your greatest concern of all might possibly be:

  • "Oh dear, what if my church finds out?!"

It's at this point that you apply the smiling plastic mask that you wear when in social gatherings and you reply "fine!" when asked how you are.

Why do we think all this? Because we are parents who belong to the TfT Parents' Group and together we have found understanding, empathy friendship and encouragement, and as the saying goes 'it's good to talk!'

Please contact us via TfT (use the Contact TfT button) if you would like to chat to a parent.  

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