Articles & stories of interest to women

Welcome to the TfT webpage for women. :-)

We seek to support all women who contact us, recognising that each person has their own particular needs, struggles and challenges to work through.

There are three main groups of women who get in touch with us:

  1. Those with issues of homosexuality in their own lives
  2. Mums of children with issues. You might find our parents page helpful.
  3. Wives of husbands with homosexual struggles. You might find our spouses page helpful.

Quotes from women

The quotes below (from various women who have contacted TfT for help) illustrate the range of issues that these women have faced:

"I am having difficulties with equating my lesbianism with my faith. I am in my fifties and although I thought I had come to terms with it all I find I am still struggling."
"I got engaged last year but a couple of months into our engagement my fiancé told me he struggled with sexual attraction to other men. I didn't cope with this very well."
"I'm 25 years old and a committed Christian. I come from a Christian home. I have struggled with same sex attraction for many years, but believe the Bible teaches that acting upon these feelings would be disobedient. I think the time may be right to chat with my parents about this, but I expect they will find this very hard."
"My Christian son announced a while ago that he thought he might be gay, since then he has sought no help and refuses to talk to me about what he is thinking and feeling. I struggle not knowing what to do help him or how to talk to him."
"I am a Christian, with three young children. I am currently struggling with inappropriate feelings for a female friend which at times are obsessional and intrusive."

Barnabas groups

See our general page on Barnabas groups for a description of these local support groups.

We have around 15 Barnabas (support) groups across the UK and Ireland, a number of which have both men and women members and leaders. All group leaders are trained to support both sexes deal with their distinct issues.

Email support

We also have email support groups that cater for the three different categories of female TfT members outlined above. Our aim is that these groups are places of honest and courteous communication where boundaries are respected. If you wish to join one of these groups please contact us.

Specific resources for women

Many of our articles and testimonies are as relevant to women as they are to men. See our articles page for our full list of articles. Some material has been tagged as being of particular interest to women, and you can browse through these articles/testimonies below.

TfT also stocks a number of books for women with same sex issues. These include the new book by Jeanette Howard entitled Into the Promised Land. We also stock Out of Egypt by Jeanette Howard, Craving for Love by Briar Whitehead, and a booklet entitled Emotional Dependency by Lori Rentzel. Please contact us for a full list.