Teaching and Pastoral Assistant appointment

We're pleased to announce that, further to TfT's recent recruitment process, Rob Wood has now been appointed to the newly created role of Teaching and Pastoral Assistant . Members of TfT can read more about Rob, and about our plans to widen TfT's appeal to a younger generation, in the Summer newsletter. Please pray for him as he joins the staff team and serves amongst our members and our Partnership Churches.

Book Review: The Plausibility Problem

plausibility problem‘The Plausibility Problem - The church and same-sex attraction'
by Ed Shaw
176 pages
Published by IVP in Feb 2015

This is a brilliant book, which is well worth reading by all modern Christians. Its applicability goes far beyond the issues of same-sex attraction - indeed I'm thinking about giving a copy to a straight Christian friend who, still single and really wanting to be married, is considering going out with somebody who isn't a Christian. It addresses all sorts of issues more generally covered by the question, "How can I possibly do what God is asking of me?" in contexts where you can always find somebody - even a Christian - who will tell you that "God isn't really asking that of you." (cf Genesis 3).