Katie's Story - Facing the Mirror

Facing the mirror

facing the mirrorMy first conscious thought of the possibility that I could be attracted to other girls entered my head when I was thirteen. It was a fleeting thought because I immediately suppressed it. I was unable to deal with the possibility that I may have feelings that I have only ever heard of as disgusting and unnatural at both church and at home, and I simply denied it. I continued to deny it for ten years. Throughout my teens I lived in hope that my lack of attraction to guys was because I had yet to meet the right one.

Can a Christian struggling with same-sex attraction live a happy and fulfilled life?

When it comes to questions of ‘happiness’ we need to ensure our views are shaped by God’s word rather than our culture. Sex is not essential for a fulfilled life. Our Saviour was single and celibate and the Apostle Paul was also single. The lie of our culture, that you need sex or a romantic relationship to be ‘happy’, is untrue. Being unmarried is also celebrated in the Bible. The FAQ ‘Can a single person be as happy as a married person?’ touches on this.