Overcoming in Christ

At around 14 years of age, at the onset of puberty, I first became aware of homosexual desires. I was attracted to men and only men. Mine was a fairly textbook case; I had no male influence in my childhood (my father died when I was 4) and grew up in an all-female house. This longing to have a father to do things with lasted from the age of 6 until I was 12, but on reaching puberty that longing for a father turned into homosexual feelings. I also suffered from deep inferiority due to being been badly bullied at school. 

Do I need to choose between pleasing God and supporting my gay friend?

This does not need to be about choosing between God and your friend.

When it comes to the gay issue, the simplest way to think about the church's attitude is to consider three views: 

  1. "The world thinks gay relationships are OK, so the church should too."
  2. "Being gay is a sin therefore Christians should condemn gay people."
  3. "The Bible teaches that gay relationships are sinful. However, people who identify themselves as gay are very much loved by God and should be encouraged to get to know Him better - just like anyone else."

These three views are discussed further below: