Would your church welcome a gay person?

This article was written by Stuart, TfT Assistant Director, with input from  Jim, a member of a London church, who particularly seeks to welcome those from a gay background. It was first published in the Spring 2014 newsletter.

two menMany Christians would avoid describing themselves as  ‘gay’, to avoid it being mistaken as their identity - see our FAQ:"Can I be a gay Christian?" for more discussion on this. However, I am using the term gay intentionally in this article to explore how a person who identifies as gay or lesbian might be received in a typical church. Much of this is probably relevant to how churches welcome same-sex attracted professing Christians too. For clarity, in the examples below, the gay people are not professing Christians whereas the other people are believers. This article does not address how a church might respond to professing Christians who are out of step with biblical teaching.

What does TfT think of Reparative Therapy?

True Freedom Trust (TfT) is aware that Reparative and other therapies aimed at eliminating or reducing unwanted same-sex attractions are attracting controversy.  We are aware that some feel such therapy has harmed them, but also aware that some have felt benefit from such therapies in various ways, including lasting reduction in same-sex feelings.  TfT believes people should have the right to choose and explore ways in which they can be helped and our understanding is that no reliably robust scientific studies are available to prove claims one way or another.