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Supporting the Work of TfT

We need your support to continue and develop our work. Because of the nature of our ministry many are wary of supporting us and so we need the prayer, encouragement, and financial help of as many Churches, groups and individuals as possible.

Four ways you can support the work of TfT:

  • Giving. TfT has regular outgoings, but our income is often very irregular! For this reason the best financial support is by monthly Standing Order. Regular monthly gifts of £10 or £20 from sufficient people make a big impact, and allow us to plan ahead knowing we have a sound financial base. It costs almost £2,500 a week to run TfT. As a charity we depend heavily on the free-will giving of Christians who share our vision for this part of God's work. We make no formal charge for our ministry, although we do appreciate donations from those who receive help from us.
  • MembershipMembership is open to anyone aged 18 or over who is committed to the ideals of TfT and is in agreement with our Basis. Members receive our quarterly newsletter and other information each quarter and support our work prayerfully and financially if possible. Our conferences, Barnabas Groups and email/forum groups are only open to members of TfT.
  • Praying. Prayer is of the highest importance as we seek to minister wholeness and God's love. We are very aware of the spiritual battles that accompany our work, and we greatly appreciate the prayers of all who can support us in overcoming them.
  • Promotion. We very much need and value your personal encouragement. But please also encourage your Churches, leaders and friends to get to know what TfT can offer - brochures and posters are available to help you do this.