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Membership Renewal Form

To find out more about what TFT membership involves and why we have changed the duration of Individual memberships to five years, please click on our membership page.
To apply to renew your existing membership, please complete the form below.
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Essential Contact Details
Firstly, please review these essential contact details that we hold for you. Please correct any that need updating.
Please note: Some Android phones will display the identity of the caller even if they are not saved in your address book. This means “True Freedom Trust” may be displayed on your phone if we call you. This feature can be disabled in your phone settings (See caller and spam ID), or you can save our number (0151 653 0773) to your contacts under a different name.
TFT produces a quarterly magazine, Ascend, full of articles, reviews and testimonies. You can choose to receive this via post or email (or both). We also now have two other ways to keep in touch. Firstly, our Prayer Newsletter is sent out monthly via email. Secondly, we have a WhatsApp broadcast group where subscribers receive weekly short updates with our latest news. Here is an example prayer newsletter, which also includes instructions on joining the WhatsApp broadcast group. Please select as many of the checkboxes below as you like.
Agreement to Basis of Belief
Below is the text of TFT's Basis of Belief. Please read through it carefully and decide whether you are in agreement with every point.
To indicate your full agreement with the TFT Basis of Belief, please select today's date below.
Agreement to Code of Confidentiality
Below is a summary of TFT's Code of Confidentiality. Please read through it carefully and decide whether you agree to abide with every point. The full Code of Confidentiality, including limits of confidentiality, can be viewed here.
If you agree to abide by the TFT Code of Confidentiality, please select today's date below to indicate your agreement.
You are welcome to add any additional details (eg a change of address) in the text box below, which will be seen by the staff team when reviewing your membership renewal request.