We have an extensive range of books, articles, testimonies and CDs for purchase or loan. A full resource list is available here and you can purchase books at our online bookstore.

We have a small but growing collection of online audio that you can play straight from the website. Members can purchase recent conference audio recordings for download at our online audiostore.

If you'd like to get a taste of our teaching, you may like to listen to this talk, given by our Director, Jonathan Berry.

Here are some of the ways TfT can help individuals and churches:

  • Articles and testimonies: we have a supply of these on this website
  • Books: we have some books available directly from our office and other recommendations for reading
  • Speakers: we have a network of speakers who can speak by arrangement at church services or groups

We have pages containing advice and resources for specific groups of people:

We also offer some services specifically for TfT members:

  • Barnabas groups: regular local support groups for the encouragement of members within a safe setting
  • Members area: our web forums for the discussion of TfT-related matters


search boxThe best way to find a specific article is to use the Search facility that looks like this on each page of this website:

Type one or more keywords (eg ministry, husband, or afraid) and press the magnifying glass button. You can click on the title one of the results to bring up the whole article.

Reading and printing

Most articles and testimonies are presented in a book format, with only a chapter visible at a time. You can navigate through the book using the navigation bar that appears on the left of the screen under the title of the book.

To print an article in its entirety, go back to the start of the article (click on its title) and then select Printer-friendly version at the bottom of the page. You will then need to print it from your browser as normal (eg press Ctrl-P).