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True Freedom Trust (TfT) is a confidential Christian support and teaching ministry that holds to authentically biblical teaching on sexuality. We offer support to individuals who experience same-sex attraction, but who choose not to embrace a gay identity or to pursue a same-sex relationship because of convictions of faith. We also support families, friends and church leaders of those who experience same-sex attraction. Click on About us to find out more about TfT and click Contact TfT to get in touch.

If you'd like to get a taste of our teaching, you may like to listen to this talk, given by our Director, Jonathan Berry. Another good place to start is to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Are you struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions?
Start by reviewing our list of articles or true stories.

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Interested in joining a support group?
Click here to see a map of our Barnabas Groups in the UK.

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Does someone you love struggle?
Here are pages of particular interest to parentsspouses and ministers

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