What we offer

Personal Support

TfT provides confidential support to Christian men and women who face issues related to sexuality. This may be in their own lives or in the lives of relatives, friends and church members. We offer this support in a number of different ways.

Initial Assessment

When someone first approaches us for help we undertake an informal assessment. This is an opportunity for the person to share details of his or her situation, to discover some ways forward, and to explore how the ministry of TfT can help.

This assessment is either conducted by a TfT staff member or trained volunteer worker in liaison with the office. The number of sessions involved will vary between one & four, and may occasionally be conducted over the telephone. Strict confidentiality is always maintained in accordance with our Code of Confidentiality.

Personal appointments

Jonathan Berry (the TfT Director and co-founder) is available to speak with people seeking personal support or advice, including relatives, friends and church leaders of those facing personal issues. Jonathan travels widely around the UK taking on various speaking engagements, so appointments can usually be arranged in different regions, according to his travel schedule and availability.

Barnabas Groups

Support groups exist across the UK and Republic of Ireland where Christians can meet in confidence to encourage one another, share, learn and pray together, whatever their sexuality. These are called Barnabas Groups (Acts 4:36). The groups are for members of TfT (men and women) who therefore agree with our basis. One of the aims of our groups is to encourage members to share more fully in the life of their churches.

Voluntary Workers

It is sometimes appropriate to provide pastoral support through regular contact with a TfT voluntary worker. This may involve face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations or email correspondence.

Email Support

We have four email support groups for men, women, wives and parents who are members of TfT. These groups allow for mutual support to be shared with others in similar circumstances. They are especially valuable when no local help is available.


TfT has a directory of qualified therapists, counsellors and counselling agencies across the UK who have agreed to take referrals from us. They vary in their methodology and TfT staff discuss with each contact who might be the most appropriate counsellor for them.