Why we exist

Male and female homosexuality have become much more open subjects in recent years. Gay and lesbian rights groups increasingly campaign for the acceptance of homosexuality as a valid lifestyle, and many people now question their attitudes to the subject. Within the church the response has been mixed. Some deny there is a biblical prohibition of homosexual relationships as we know them today, whilst others react with fear and disgust, regarding homosexual sin as worse than any other. Perhaps the majority would rather avoid thinking about the subject.

Worst of all, fear of rejection means many within the church are unable to discuss their sexual struggles with other Christians and so feel condemned and helpless. Others have left the church feeling they have not experienced the healing promised.

Yet there are many whose struggle, pain and confusion have been transformed by the unconditional love offered by God, the forgiveness and healing made available by Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. For them, the security and intimacy of God's love, together with godly relationships in the family of Christ, have replaced the searching for affirmation and affection through sexual fantasies or relationships.

TfT exists to make this way forward known. Many of us face homosexual issues personally. We offer support, help and encouragement to those on this journey and to their families and friends.

TfT was founded in 1977 by Martin Hallett and the late Canon L. Roy Barker. Martin was involved in a homosexual lifestyle for over nine years before Jesus dramatically changed his life in 1972.